This is the west coast of Scotland so there's always an excellent chance it will rain at some point on the journey. Peccadillo's roomy interior and woodstove make a chilly journey just as much fun as a sunny one.
In its heyday it gave access to some huge vessels with a deep draft. However the guaranteed draft of the Forth & Clyde today is just 6 feet (this is still considered deep by canal standards) and for most of the length that depth will only be maintained in the centre of the canal. Some of our more nervous passengers have been reassured to know that if they ever fell in (and no, we do NOT encourage this!) they should simply move towards the bank and stand up.
Engineers and boating enthusiasts from all over the world are coming to see this incredibly simple and efficient boatlift that replaced nine of the 11 locks that ascended from the Forth & Clyde canal to the Union Canal 150 feet above. There are still 2 locks but the Wheel is 115 feet high and does the job in just 20 minutes instead of the 4 or 5 hours that would previously have been required. How does it work? Well sweetie, you're just a click away from a boat trip to find out... it's the best way!
About 7 hours, remember that canal travel is a laid back affair.
Life jackets are not mandatory on Category A (canal) waters but there are buoyancy aids aboard for anyone who would like to wear one.
Always dress warmly with a waterproof and wind cheating outer layer. You could stay cosy indoors, or like most, you can't resist a visit to the front deck. Comfortable footwear with a good grip is strongly recommended.
Regrettably we do not currently have access for wheelchairs. Clients with limited mobility are invited to visit the barge and we'll conduct a through a risk assessment if they are considering a trip. Alternatively contact the Seagull Trust, as they do have wheelchair access. http://www.seagulltrust.org.uk/
Indeed we do, and we have already dealt creatively with some other dietary restrictions (e.g. wheat and gluten). However not all our regular country pubs offer much choice on the veggie and dairy free score but there is a delightful alternative that we can offer you.
Call us on + 44 (0) 7779 787 122 to discuss the trip and dates you have in mind. Next, fill in our booking form, which should be submitted with 20% deposit. We will send you a confirmation letter and the booking is then in place. The balance of the payment should be made 30 days before the trip. See our terms and conditions for further details
Abseil at Auchinstarry Badminton at Bishopbriggs Canoeing Daft Craft Ceramic painting at the Stables Fancy Lunch - Premium Grave Robbers at Cadder Church Home Taxis - to Peccadillo's home town IT Training Lottery Ticket from Lucky Bonnybridge, UFO capital Massage on the Move Organisation of an event (team build or training) Photography - can be arranged for any occasion Quaint Canalware for sale Treasure Hunt at Twechar Workshop Facilitation Xmas lunches Zzzzzzzzzzzzz (well some folk just do go for a kip…it's that relaxing).
We don't work to a fixed timetable; call us and let us know which trip type and route you are interested in and we will check what's available watch this site. We will be updating sailing schedules all the time. (Call us for a free brochure)
All Peccadillo trips are skippered and, at present, all Scottish Lowland Canal locks and bridges are attended by British Waterways staff. However there are ropes to be handled in locks if you want to get involved. You may also take a turn at the tiller. We are only too happy to get you involved in the boat handling as long as it is safe to do so. Team building trips are much more of a hands-on affair and clients will be actively involved in boat ops. See the map on the Canal page.